Medication Administration

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    Medication at School

    The California Education Code states that any student who is required to take medication prescribed by a physician during the regular school day, may be assisted by the school nurse or other designated school personnel if the district receives: (1.) a written statement from the physician detailing the method, amount and time schedules that the medication is to be taken and (2.) a written statement from the student’s parent/guardian authorizing the school district to administer the medication. (E.C. 49422, 49423)

    Procedures and appropriate use of prescription and non-prescription medicine

    Parent/guardian responsibilities
    Schools rely on the cooperation of parents/guardians to safely and effectively administer medication to their students at school.

    Parents/guardians are responsible for:

    Supplying all medications (schools don’t supply medications for students)
    Transporting medication to and from school
    Completing all required medication authorization forms

    Requirements for all medications: prescription, non-prescription, and homeopathic:

    Parents/guardians must complete the authorization to administer medication form for each medication. The form must be signed by the health care provider and parent/guardian. Medication cannot be given without the completed form.

    Parents/guardians must bring all medications to the school office for the student. Students can’t bring medication to school. Medication can’t be transported on school district buses.

    All medication must be in the original prescription bottle, container or package.

    If half doses have been prescribed, the parent/guardian must break medication tablets in half before bringing to the school.

    Medication which is to be given three times a day it is recommended that it should be given at home before school, after school and at bedtime.

    Homeopathic medications and over- the- counter medications will only be accepted if the authorization to administer medication form is signed by a health care provider.

    Self-Administering medication at school for inhalers & Epi-Pens

    If a student self carries medication at school, they still need a health care provider’s order on file at the school with written permission from parent/ guardian and school nurse assessment.

    Student must follow rules and responsibilities of carrying his/her medication and be able to show proper usage of inhaler or Epi-Pen. If student does not follow the rules and responsibilities of carrying his/her medication, then the student will lose the privilege of carrying such medication.

    Note: Medication left at school will be destroyed the last day of school, according to district policy.

    Medication - Physician Instructions for School Assisted Medication

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