Professional Development

  • The District provides teachers, administrators and other school staff training on best English learner practice and programs to facilitate instruction and informed decision-making. In addition, Administrators receive regular support to help them accelerate the achievement of English learners and the importance of monitoring their academic and language development progress. A comprehensive District assessment system ensures all students, including English learners, are taking regular assessments in ELA and math to measure their progress over the academic year. The results of these assessments are reviewed with close attention to English learners’ progress in reading, math, writing, English language development, and movement towards reclassification. A system to screen and promptly identify English learners and reclassify students that are struggling is in place District-wide. Families are connected into this process so appropriate interventions and a “catch-up plan” is developed. A “catch-up” plan is done through the Student Study Team (SST) at the school level.