Annual Parent Notifications

  • As a family of an English learner, you will receive annual notifications. These are required by the California Department of Education. The information on these letters is described below. The main purpose of these letters is to inform our families of their right to choose the best instructional program for their child to learn English. They also help parents understand the language and academic level of their child in progress towards reclassification. Our administrators, teachers and school staff are prepared to help you understand the information. Please visit your child’s school or request an appointment to discuss any questions you may have on these annual notifications.

    Initial Parent Notification:

    The Initial Parent Notification letter is sent home, within the first 30 days of school or 30 days upon enrollment in California school, notifying families of the initial results of the ELPAC. The ELPAC determines their overall level of English and their individual reading, speaking, listening and writing levels. The English Language Proficiency Assessment for California (ELPAC) is used for initial English Assessment. Listed on the letter is information our District uses to decide when a student is ready to exit or reclassify from the English Learner program. If your child is also identified as a Student with Disability, the language assessment and reclassification process is part of their Individualized Educational Program (IEP).

     Annual Parent Notification:

    The Annual letter is sent home with similar information as stated above, within the first 30 days of school to notify families of the annual results of the most recent ELPAC. Additional parent notifications, the Annual letter informs parents of their child’s progress towards reclassification.